Wedding Evening Photography

As a specialist in night photography and light painting I am pleased to offer a wedding evening photography service to happy couples throughout Wales and the south west of England. Capturing photographs in low light conditions (or no light at all) requires an expert skill set and specialist equipment that is fit for the task.

A specialist night photographer is especially important if your wedding has a fireworks display.

How it works

Before the wedding, I consult with the bride and groom to discuss creative ideas for their photoshoot so I arrive fully prepared.

On the day, I will typically arrive and setup approximately 2 hours before sunset, in order to capture the fading light and prepare my shooting area before the light is gone.

When it is fully dark, I will capture spectacular silhouettes by light painting around the newlyweds. I require 10-15 minutes of the newlyweds’ time to capture a series of 3-5 photographs. Once we are satisfied that we’ve captured the shots we need, wedding guests are invited to pose for similar pictures.

If your wedding venue has fairy lights or mood lighting, I can also capture beautiful low light portraits using these.

Cost is dependent on several factors such as time of year – summer weddings require me to start and end much later than winter weddings.

What you receive

The master photographs are professionally edited and colour corrected.

Photographs will be supplied in digital format plus a printed photo book within 14 days. If you wish to receive prints or artwork also please let me know your requirements.

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