Phone Box Library

Jan 14, 2019

Phone Box Library - PhotoHound photo spotPhone Box Library © Mathew Browne.
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When I was researching locations for my next book, I knew that I wanted to put modern interpretations of classic London sights. The red phone box, albeit somewhat a photographic cliche, was something that feels right to include. Some of these are well preserved in the city centre and juxtapose pleasingly with more modern sights. However this phone box in Lewisham had fallen into disrepair, and repurposed by the local community as a small library.

I first visited here during the daylight hours and it was only an average composition – muggy and overcast, little middleground and background interest, some parked cars acting as a distraction. Instead I returned at night – passing cars acted as a makeshift flash to illuminate the phone booth, and during one long exposure an ambulance whizzed past, creating an interesting blue streak.