Photographing Iceland with PhotoHound

Sep 30, 2020

The entire reason my passion for photography was ignited was by visiting Iceland in 2010 and failing to adequately capture its incredible beauty with my pretty modest camera and even more modest photography skills.

One evening beneath arcs and ribbons of aurora borealis I found myself distraught that nothing I did could conjure up an image that accurately conveyed the scene above us. I bought some sort of “What Digital Camera” magazine at the airport and had read it cover-to-cover by the time we landed at Heathrow, and I’d purchased by first DSLR online within hours.

I vowed never to return until I had mastered photography. This year was meant to be my triumphant return and a satisfying end to this story arc, but the coronavirus pandemic put paid to such lofty ambition

However, my colleagues at PhotoHound have just unveiled our latest guide – it’s a detailed guide to photographing Iceland and it’s a work of art!


Photographing Iceland
This guide features lots of practical advice in the form of an introduction by talented photographer Richard Lizzimore. At the time I’m writing this we have 61 photo spots at the time of launch, but new photo spots and images are being added frequently.

I’m really excited that we already have such a comprehensive photography guide to Iceland, and it’s only going to get bigger and better.

If you’re looking for Iceland’s best Instagrammable locations, we’ve got that covered too – this guide is for photographers of all abilities and technologies, not just professionals with DSLRs. If you’re a phone shooter, you’ll find this just as useful.

Iceland Photo Spots

I’m equal parts inspired and frustrated that we cannot visit, but when travel restrictions lift (and funds allow it) I’ll be well equipped to capture the best vistas of this stunning country.