Talks & Seminars

I offer a number of presentations and talks for camera clubs, photography shows and other events.

My in-person talks are available in south and west Wales. Please get in touch with your requirements – my fee depends primarily on mileage.

Weekday talks are cheaper and have much better availability since most of my weekends are booked well in advance. I require a computer and a screen or projector to display the accompanying slideshow.

Zoom talks are now available for camera clubs all over the UK.

Wales in Photographs

Over the course of one year, I travelled the length and breadth of Wales to capture my country at its magnificent best for my book “Wales in Photographs”, published by Amberley Books in the autumn of 2018.

This talk describes the creative, technical and logistical challenges I faced in producing the book. I also display a selection of the photos to describe how the shot was taken, and the creative decisions I made in composition, execution and post-processing. This is not a mere “show and tell” of the best images – you will learn my entire workflow from start to finish of how some of the key images were achieved.

The talk typically runs 2 hours. A supply of signed books can be brought with me for guests to purchase.

The Art of Travel Photography

This is an abridged version of my travel photography workshop, covering the basics of the following topics

  • How to find the best shooting locations
  • Equipment
  • Technique and settings
  • Shooting in different environments and different styles
  • Post-processing using Adobe Lightroom
  • Image refinements using Luminar and Nik Collection

My photography career began as a passionate amateur photographer taking the best photos I can while on holiday – to date I have visited nearly 50 countries. Now I teach others how to take stunning travel photos and my hobby has become my profession – I work with tourist boards as a freelance travel photographer, sell prints of my images, run photo tours and write photographic guides.

This talk typically runs 2 hours.

Fireworks Photography

This is an abridged version of my fireworks photography workshop, covering the basics of the following topics

  • How to find the best shooting locations
  • Equipment
  • Technique and settings
  • Shooting different types of fireworks
  • Post-processing using Adobe Lightroom
  • Image refinements using Luminar and Nik Collection

This talk typically runs 90 minutes.

Introduction to Landscape Astrophotography

Astrophotography is one of the most technically challenging but rewarding genres of photography.

This talk describes my complete workflow in planning, executing and post-processing images which combine the night sky with the beautiful landscapes of Wales. You will learn about how to shoot celestial objects such as:

  • Meteor showers
  • The Milky Way
  • The International Space Station
  • The Moon

I will explain how best to achieve these images using entry-level equipment as well as describing what can be achieved with more specialist lenses.

The talk typically runs 90 minutes. 

Photographing Singapore

Learn more about this incredible city – a melting pot of Asian cultures and heritage. As one of the most densely populated cities in the world, traditional and colonial architecture often juxtaposes with gleaming skyscrapers of glass and steel. In my opinion it is the greatest city in the world for architectural and cityscape photography.

I’ve spent several weeks in the city scouting locations for my international photo tours, and photo spots for my company Snapp Guides. This talk showcases a selection of my best images of the city, along with a description of how these images are achieved. More than just a mere “show and tell”, I will explain in technical detail how I planned, executed and post-processed these images.

Along the way, I will also impart practical advice on visiting the city such as navigating public transport, food and drink recommendations, social norms and etiquette, and when to visit.

Whether you’re intending to visit Singapore or simply want to be inspired by imagery of a far-flung and exotic destination, I hope to leave your audience with a sense of wanderlust and wonder at Singapore’s iconic skyline.

The talk typically runs 90 minutes. 

Big thank you to the club for getting Mathew Browne for a talk tonight. It was an excellent evening. Best talk we’ve had at the club in my eyes.

Aled Roberts, Pontyberem Camera Club

I’ve been looking through the internal feedback and we all found your talk one of the best and most informative/inspirational of any we have ever had.

Darren Boxer, Port Talbot Camera Club

Last night delivered in spades. One of the best ever for me. Great job! … Members who missed you are asking to have you back, and a number of us are eyeing up some wide angle prime lenses. I’ve never seen such activity from a talk!

Paul James, Port Talbot Camera Club

Mathew has given a couple of talks at Carmarthen Photographic Society and they have both been a hit with our members. His talks are interesting and informative and he is very happy to answer any questions the members may ask during and after his presentation.

Sue Porter, chairperson of Carmarthen Photographic Society

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